Advanc’edge MBA is a monthly magazine published by IMS Learning Resources. We cater to students and aspirants of management education, and give them the support they need to help them on their way to their B-school. In the magazine, you will find articles, both by experts and people in their field of study, interviews with top professionals in the industry and academicians in institutes across the world. There are also regular analyses and updates on the economic situation, both in the Indian and global contexts. These, as well as exercises to strengthen their English comprehension and current affairs (GK), make sure that the reader accumulates, over the course of a year, all the knowledge required to prepare him to take the first step into the world of MBA.

Backing up the editorial team of Advanc’edge MBA is the enormous pool of experts, resources and talents that have made IMS the leader in the test prep industry. Students who come to IMS get scientifically designed exhaustive training provided by experts on a wide range of tests, such as the CAT, CMAT, MAT, Bank PO, SNAP, TANCET and many more, as well as undergraduate test such as BBA & BBS and Law/CLAT.

The Team

Editor in chief – Kamlesh Sajnani

Head of Publications – Anand Sutaria

Editor – Aditya Prakash Iengar

Correspondent – Puja Shah

Contributors – Suresh Srinivasan, Ankita Singh

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