Greetings, everyone!

A very warm hello to you who are reading this. This is the start of something wonderful, something that we at Advanc’edge had been longing to do for some time now — to reach out to all management aspirants who feel they can benefit from us. 

We are a monthly magazine, published by IMS. We provide informative tools and articles for our readers, and among them are interviews with academicians from the across the world and top professionals from across industries. Our mission is to give you the support that you will need on your journey to your B-school.

So on this blog, you will find interviews like this one with author-motivator Shiv Khera, or perhaps this one with Kevin L Keller, the authority on Marketing. You will find articles such as this one by Dr Brian Luke Seaward on stress management from the tech point of view, and this one by renowned productivity consultant David Allen. 

All this, and much more, is awaiting you, my dear reader. We hope you like the articles that we shall put up here, and more importantly, that you and others like you benefit from them.

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